History: Founded 30 years ago, our corporate history is rich with over 100 years of collective investment experience.

Fee Only/Independent/Objective: We have always maintained that to be of value, advice must be independent and objective. Therefore, we are not affiliated with a bank, insurance or investment company where products are sold for commissions. We offer a simply and understandable fee structure. While we do not offer tax preparation, legal advice or sell insurance instruments, we understand the importance of these elements in developing a coordinated financial plan, and we work closely with clients’ attorneys, CPAs, and insurance advisors to be sure that investment programs are consistent with estate plans, insurance needs, retirement objectives, and income tax strategies.

Size: We are large enough to offer experience and a broad array of investment options, yet small enough to provide personalize service and creative solutions.

Creative: We start with a broad-based, holistic approach to understanding our clients’ unique financial needs and present new and refreshing ideas as solutions to their specific challenges. We view ourselves as obstacle removers who are in the business of providing clients with peace of mind.

Capital Preservation: Capital preservation is at the heart of our investment management style. We see ourselves as risk managers, not risk takers. Every attempt is made to achieve steady, stable growth through capital appreciation and income generation while minimizing risk to the portfolio from market fluctuations and economic conditions.

Team Based Approach: We hire, train, and lead with a team based approach that is designed to deliver an efficient and consistent client experience.

Individual Investment Plan: Not a one-size-fits-all kind of firm, each client receives a carefully crafted investment policy that is client directed and focused. We are driven by a desire to do what is best for each client and believe that the truest measure of account performance is evaluating results against each client’s stated objectives.

Clients: We have experience working with a wide variety of clients. Clients served currently and in the past include individuals, families, physicians, corporate executives, and regional and internationally recognized artists. We also have experience in managing endowments for the arts and education, profit-sharing plans, portfolios for government agencies, and corporate pension plans.



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