Fee-Only: We have always maintained that to be of value, investment advice must be independent and objective. Therefore, we are not affiliated with any bank, insurance or investment company where products are sold for commissions. This enables us to provide advice that is driven by a desire to do what is best for the client. We offer a simple and understandable fee structure for this service.

Licensed CFP® Practitioners: At BMA, you will be meeting with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. While many financial professionals hold themselves out as financial planners, this designation is only achieved after completing a bachelor’s degree, a CFP Board-Registered Program, meeting three years of full-time work experience in financial planning, passing the 10-hour CFP® exam, satisfying certain character and fitness standards, adhering to a code of ethics and maintaining the certification by completing continuing education requirements.

Holistic Approach: We view our clients as unique individuals and recognize that financial planning involves different things to different people. We start with a broad-based, holistic approach to understanding our clients’ unique financial needs and are able to discuss a wide variety of financial planning topics, such as budgeting, debt restructuring, retirement planning, college funding, tax planning, risk management, and investment selection.

Creative Solutions: Not a one-size-fits-all kind of firm, we pride ourselves on presenting clients with new and refreshing ideas as solutions to their specific challenges.


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