Bullard, McLeod & Associates, Inc. ("BMA") has developed and implemented a Business Continuity Plan ("BCP") that includes redundant data backup and alternate facilities to protect its business processes in the event of significant business disruption.

BMA's policy is to respond to a significant business disruption in such a way as to: safeguard employee's lives and firm property; make a financial and operational assessment; quickly recover and resume operations and client communications; allow clients to continue to transact business; and assure clients prompt access to their funds and securities, if we are unable to continue our business.

The plan addresses business disruptions that may be caused by a local incident or by a regional or market related disaster that applies more broadly. The plan covers our critical business processes that are essential for BMA to continue to conduct business. BMA's goal is to recover these critical business processes in the most efficient and timely manner with minimal interruption of service. BMA's response and recovery time will depend on the nature and severity of the disruption.

Please be advised that our BCP is subject to change and modification. It is tested at least annually and reviewed and revised, as needed, upon material changes to our operations, structure, business, or location or to those of our custodians and outside service providers. A copy of BMA's complete BCP is maintained offsite. A copy of BMA's complete BCP is available upon request.

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